If you're looking to make a brand-new start in a different country, there are plenty of reasons for you and your family to choose the UK.


1. It's the perfect place to start a business.

Most people know the USA as the land of opportunity, but we would argue that the true land of opportunity is Great Britain. For hundreds of years, migrants have travelled to the British Isles in search of prosperity and stability, and many were able to launch a business of their own on UK soil. It is rumoured that Napoleon once referred to England as 'a Nation of Shopkeepers': though it was originally intended as an insult, there is some truth to the phrase. To this day, the UK still has an incredibly high success rate for SMEs and independent businesses.


2. There's healthcare for all.

Britain's National Health Service (NHS) has been in place for 70 years, offering citizens of all ages and backgrounds healthcare that is free at the point of access. As the service is funded by taxes, there is no costly insurance or worry about coverage - healthcare is always available and affordable. Migrants are required to pay a small fixed surcharge during the application process: however, treatment is never paid for up-front, and there are a number of circumstances in which someone may be exempt from paying the charge. 

3. It's the birthplace of the English Language.

Where better to brush up on your English than the home of Shakespeare, Dickens and Wilde? With a rich heritage of literary landmarks and a vast array of language centres and teachers, you and your family are far more likely to increase your fluency by engaging in every-day conversations with native speakers.


Plus, English isn't the only language you can learn while living in the UK:



4 . It has three of the world's top universities - all within 70 miles of one another.

The University of Oxford is the world's oldest and best-performing university, and home to thousands of the very best student academics. Just a few miles away is the University of Cambridge - the world's third-best University, which is often parallel to Oxford in terms of academic performance. Located just 60 miles away from Oxford and Cambridge, in the City of London, is Imperial College London: an establishment that is famed for its excellent medical and scientific training. 

5. You'll have the opportunity to be part of something Great.

For centuries, migration has formed a significant part of Britain's rich heritage. Each City boasts a vibrant array of languages, cultures and peoples. Yet, international citizens only make up a small percentage of the UK population (around 14%), which means that the English language, values and dialects are still the most socially significant. In terms of Visa applications, It is also significantly quicker and easier for a professional from overseas to settle down in the UK than in the US or EU countries.

For more information on what it's like to live in the UK, check out our Life in the UK blog.

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How does the UK compare to other destinations?

Oxford (#1)
Cambridge (#3)

Imperial College London (#10)

Health &

Social Care

National Health Service (NHS), free at point of access & Welfare State

7 In total, including

MIT (#5), Harvard (#7) & Yale (#8)

Mostly private insurance coverage with some state coverage offered


Differs by country. Mostly private insurance coverage with some state coverage offered



rate (2+ years)



No Nationwide





Salary (£)




Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

per capita


per capita

per capita

Average Visa process length

3 - 12 weeks

3 weeks - 14 months, possibly longer depending on country of origin

2 - 9 weeks



66.44 million

327.2 million

446.4 million


Universities in

World top 10




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