UK investment opportunities

If you're an overseas business looking to expand to the UK, you may need funding and investment at some point, whether it’s to get the business off the ground, or to move to the next stage of its operations, expand or diversify. Our team at Latitude GB can help you with this. If you're an investor looking for UK investment opportunities, we can assist you by introducing you to our vast portfolio of contacts and helping you through the process.

Business matchmaking for co-founding/joint venture opportunities

We offer a business matchmaking service for co-founding or joint venture opportunities, through our wide range of UK clients and contacts. Click here to view the process of our business matchmaking service. Looking for more information? Email us at

Business networking

As an entrepreneur, one of most valuable resources you can possess is an extensive and high quality support network. It may be that you may be looking for a group where you can network and find other entrepreneurs, or maybe even a co-founder. As well as introducing you to our ever growing portfolio of contacts, we can provide you with the best tips and techniques for effective business networking in the UK.

Entrepreneurship training

We offer entrepreneurship training for those who do not have much business experience or simply would like to enhance their business knowledge to excel in the UK. The training helps clients develop new business ideas and allows them to build up entrepreneurial confidence, which equips them with all essential knowledge and business acumen to successfully launch a business venture in the UK.

Business and management consulting

  • Entering the UK Market
  • Setting up the business
  • registering a UK branch
  • establishing a UK company / subsidiary
  • Finding a suitable office address / location
  • Opening a UK business bank account
  • Registering for UK VAT
  • Organising corporate insurances
  • Setting up finance/accounting systems and procedures
  • Implementing HR and payroll processes
  • Assisting global mobility
  • Transferring employees to the UK
  • Sending representative of the company to the UK
  • Market research help

After many years of helping our international clients expand in the UK, we know that starting out your new venture is full of apprehension if you haven’t got the right support. But why expand in the UK? Click here to learn more about how expanding to the UK could benefit you.

Whether you're an overseas investor, entrepreneur or business, the team at Latitude GB are fully equipped to help you prosper and scale in the UK. Click on the links below to find out how we can help: