Fall into three categories:


We believe that the benefits of economic migration are two-fold.


When International entrepreneurs are permitted to set up shop in the UK, their business grows - and so does the local economy.

As such, our primary goal is to help the brightest and best entrepreneurs throughout their migration journey - we also assist promising graduates who are already in the UK, and want to get their foot in the door.


Whether they require visa services, business training or a complete cultural re-adjustment, our bespoke services package can help make their transition complete.



We may be focused on International Entrepreneurs, but our services are open to all.

Are you a graduate in need of a Business plan or CV tune-up? A UK company looking to recruit from overseas? Or do you simply need advice on how UK migration rules might affect your business?

With a team that consists of immigration lawyers, business academics and language instructors, we can answer all of these queries and more. 


We take pride in helping businesses grow, whether it's a brand-new venture or a mature company. Everyone needs a helping hand now and again.


If you're a company based in the UK, we can provide investment from overseas with our Angel investors. These are high net-worth individuals who are interested in providing funding for UK businesses in any number of sectors, be it tech, healthcare or media. 


We also provide investment from individuals who are looking to immigrate on Innovator and Tier one Investor Visa routes. If you have a business idea that needs development in the form of talent and funding, this may be the best option for you.