Here's our guide to making visas & migration work for your UK business

From start-ups to the Fortune 500, there are three things that every business needs: talent, knowledge and investment.


Here at LATITUDE GB, we want to use our international connections to offer UK SMEs a wider range of options when it comes to growing their business.


If you want to develop your company by employing new staff, or an expert in a particular field, our team can connect you with our Innovator and Global Talent clients. We'll help you build a professional relationship with them and take you through the visa process, offering advice and guidance along every step of the way.


If it's purely financial investment you need, we can assist with that too - our network has a number of overseas investors looking to expand their portfolio to the UK.

We have a variety of services for all business needs. If you have a specific goal in mind, take a look at your FAQs for UK businesses below, or head over to our Visa Guide for the basics on business visa routes.


How we can help you

I want to find an investor

You may want to work with an Investor Visa candidate. The Tier One Investor Visa was formulated to increase the flow of investment from abroad into the UK, giving High Net-Worth individuals the chance to live and work in the UK whilst investing their funds into local companies. As the Home Office requirements state, the investment (or investments) made must amount to £2 - £10 million in order for the individual to qualify for the visa.

Some of these candidates may take on an active position within your company in exchange for their financial contribution. This is not a mandatory requirement, however: it is also just as common for Tier One Investors to funnel their funds into a number of portfolio companies without working with them directly.

If you’re interested in working with a Tier one Investor, get in contact with us today. We have a number of ongoing and confirmed applicants in our client network, many of whom have industry-specific interests and are searching for the right investee company.

I want to expand my team

If your company is already trading and you require a few members of staff (rather than one specific specialist or high-level staff member), it's most likely that you're interested in sponsoring workers. To sponsor workers from overseas, you first need to ensure that your business is eligible to offer sponsorship. If it is eligible, you'll need to apply for a sponsorship license and nominate someone within your business to manage visa sponsorships. Our network of clients - many of whom hail from Mainland China - boasts a huge range of professionals from a number of industries. If you're looking to sponsor workers, we can connect you to a selection of candidates, set up regular communications and ensure that both parties are informed and comfortable throughout the visa application process.

I need a professional from a specific field

You may be interested in candidates from the Global Talent Visa route. This category was aims to draw the 'brightest and best experts' to the UK, whether they are already established ('Exceptional Talent') or promise to become successful in the near future ('Exceptional Promise'). Relevant fields include tech, science, medicine, the arts, fashion and architecture, among others. Global talent applicants are required to secure an endorsement from a government-approved body before making their application. This endorsement will be approved or denied by a body that is relevant to their industry, such as TechNation or Arts Council England (for full list of Endorsing Bodies, click here). After their visa is approved, they are free to live in the UK and work in their chosen subject area. We have a number of global talent clients: some of which have approved visas, others waiting for approval. If your company is in need of expertise, we'll be more than happy to make the introduction, maintain communication and assist both parties through the employment process.

How is an Angel Investor different from a Tier One Investor?

The Tier One Investor Visa was formulated to increase the flow of investment from abroad into the UK, giving High Net-Worth individuals the chance to live and work in the country whilst investing a set amount of funds (£2 -10 million) into local companies. If you recieve investment from one of these individuals, part of your agreement may be that they are given a position with your company in exchange for their investment. This is not mandatory, however: they can also invest the money and remain independent from the business itself. By comparison, an Angel investor is completely independent from the investee business in that they may not even be in the UK when they invest. We have a small number of these clients -both companies and individuals - in our network. However, as they are often only interested in investing within specific industries, most of our clients with money to invest fall into the Tier one or Innovator categories.

My business is not yet trading/at the idea stage. How can you help me?

If your business is pre-trading, you have the additional options of taking on candidates from the Innovator or Start-Up visa routes.

These two pathways are designed to draw the most promising entrepreneurs to the UK. If you seek financial investment and talent for your emerging business, as well as assistance with business development and early-stage planning, then you may be interested in working with a start-up or innovator client during their visa process. As the route is entrepreneurial in nature, it is vital that your business idea is at the idea stage, and that you are willing to give the applicant considerable agency in business planning and development.

It is also important to note that applicants from this category will require a considerable stake in your company in return for their development, knowledge and funding. In short, if you are looking for a co-founder, or a senior member of staff to join you on your business journey, this may be the right service for you.

Before we can put you into contact with these clients, you should have a basic understanding of the visa application process and, most importantly, your role within it. With our legal expertise and specialist business know-how, we can take you through all of this information in our first consultation, free of charge.

Want to know the difference between the Start-up and Innovator visas? Check out our handy guide.

I want to join a starter company. How can you help?

We have scores of brilliant projects just waiting for the right person to take them further. Get in touch with us to take a look at our project list.