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Autumn Budget 2021: Immigration Proposals

New scale-up visa

  • A new UK scale-up visa has been announced, launching in Spring 2022, as part of the UK innovation strategy. The new visa is a push for ‘high-skilled migration’ to attract the best global talent, and, in turn, to modernise immigration.

  • The policy aims to attract talent in academia, science, research, and technology worldwide, and to make the visa system for international talent the most competitive in the world.

  • The new immigration news will make it easier for international talent to enter the UK. Applicants will have to pass the language proficiency requirement and have a high-skilled job offer from an eligible business with a salary of at least £33,000.

How can I find a scale-up business?

What are the differences between the new scale-up visa and the skilled worker visa?

  • Both visas sit under the UK’s points-based system for immigration, so applicants need to meet a standardised range of criteria to qualify.

  • the main difference is that the skilled worker visa focuses on subjects around skills that the UK economy needs – in subjects such as healthcare, engineering, and computer science. The scale-up visa is open to all sectors – if the company sponsoring the application meets criteria for growth.

Will I be able to extend a scale-up visa?

  • The information that has been announced so far states that holders of the visa can extend it for a maximum duration of 5 years. The UK usually issues immigration-style visas for 30-36 months at a time, so it’s likely you’ll have to apply for the visa, then extend it.

Can I bring my family with me?

  • Similar visas, such as the Skilled Worker visa do permit this, but there’s not been any specific confirmation from UK Visas and Immigration so far.

New Global Business Mobility visa

  • A new global business mobility visa has been launched to help overseas businesses transfer staff to Britain or to establish a presence.

  • The GBM visa will consolidate Intra-Company Transfers (ICTs) and other business mobility visas into a single route.

  • Despite a commitment to launch the new visa in Spring 2022, details are only just starting to emerge as to what this new visa might look like.

What will the Global Business Mobility visa allow?

  • The specific detail of the GBM visa hasn’t been announced, although the new route is intended to encompass many different GBM business scenarios to help attract foreign investment to the UK.

  • The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) fall under the following different assignment types:

- Intra-company transfers

- Subsidiaries

- Secondments, and

- Short-term assignments

What requirements need to be met?

  • In all cases, the following requirements will need to be met:

- In all cases, the following requirements will need to be met:

- All roles will need to be sponsored.

- Jobs will need to be at the appropriate skill level.

- Service Supplier

How can I prepare for the Global Business Mobility visa?

  • Seek expert advice at an early state to plan ahead. This way you can ensure that your business is ready to take advantage of this brand-new route well in advance.

  • The GBM visa will require employers to sponsor the workers that are bringing into the UK under this route, so it’s important that this requirement is met ahead of time.

  • Be aware of checks that need to be taken. Most work routes sponsors must undergo checks to demonstrate that they’re a genuine and solvent business, that they act and behave in a way which is conducive to the wider public.

  • Senior personnel and key users of the service must undergo criminality and other security checks

Global Talent visa reform

There will also be a Global Talent visa reform, allowing holders of international prizes and winners of scholarships and programmes for early promise to automatically qualify for a visa.

It will also extend to offer businesses practical support to small firms that are navigating the visa process for the first time, making the system easier to use and removing administrative barriers to talent.

Global Talent Network

A new Global Talent Network is also expected to start in the Spring. The network actively seeks overseas science and technology talent by raiding the best brains in the universities, innovation hubs and research labs to bring to the UK.

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