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Grow through international expansion: 4 ways we can help your business expand internationally

We have many years of experience in assisting foreign companies enter the UK market, so we know the challenges and have found ways to help companies get around them. Whether you’ve already expanded or are starting to look at growing abroad, we manage all of the complexity and administration that comes with it, so you can focus on your core business. Here are four ways that we can help your business expand internationally:

Looking after your people

We can assist with everything to do with getting your employers set up and ready for business in the UK. We provide a reliable and accurate solution for your outsourced payroll, making the process smooth and uncomplicated.

As well as this, we can also help your employers get set up to receive benefits such as healthcare and pension, and can provide them with the information they need to make sure their employment in the UK is complying with UK rules.

Comprehensive VAT maintenance

If your business trades internationally, it is more critical than ever that the indirect tax consequences of international trade are understood. Navigating VAT can be complex, with many challenges on the way, so understand the importance of your VAT affairs being dealt with correctly and efficiently.

We believe that specialist knowledge is key to reducing VAT risk. Our expert team at Latitude GB can help to make sure you’re trading compliantly. We can also help you with your VAT registration, or an application for a VAT registration for non-established UK entities.

Accounting support

As a team of business consultancy experts, we have plenty of experience providing accounting support for businesses. This could be company requirements and records such as companies house, and any auditing requirements that you may need to complete.

If you need help with accounting for your business, we can provide you with a full-service solution, and can help to maintain the UK operation accounting records for you.

Our dedicated outsourcing team would be happy to talk through your requirements and provide an indication of costs.

Expert legal advice

Our corporate team’s broad experience of international law and overseas markets enables them to provide expert legal advice, to help your business achieve its global ambitions.

Our core legal services can be split into 3 main areas of legal matters that you need to consider as a business: Employment, company secretarial services and property and other legalities.

We have both a specialist in-house HR and company secretarial team, and can introduce you to lawyers that are specific to your needs for any other legal matters.


Ready to start expanding your business?

We specialise in tailoring your journey to your business and future goals. Our broad experience of international law and overseas markets enables us to provide expert legal advice and practical effective solutions, to help your business achieve its global ambitions, no matter how complex the issue.

Email us at to speak to one of our experts and find out more about what we can help your business.

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