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UTOP: Universal Think Tank and TOPS Education Group co-launch international education brand

‘Education is not to fill a bucket of water, but to light a fire.’

We believe that through the guidance of creative thinking, the construction of an international vision, and the injection of innovative ideas, this single spark will eventually grow into a veritable flame.

When it comes to education, we never stop exploring. We’re constantly thinking about how to better integrate education and immigration, and how to provide a more comprehensive "one-stop" service experience for people with relevant needs in China. For the last two years, Universal Think Tank and the top education brand in China ‘TOPS Education Group’ have worked together to make this a reality.

Now, we are pleased to officially launch our high-end international education brand: UTOP, a UK-based early education planner and ‘one-stop’ service provider.

Two Teams, One Dream

Universal Think Tank was established in Manchester – a vibrant northern city in the UK – in 2018. UTT are led by our founders and directors, who share decades of experience in immigration law, wealth management, and entrepreneurial training. Their team of immigration lawyers (Top Legal 500 and Chambers ranked) and business experts specialise in providing a bespoke and complete transition for professionals who are looking to relocate from China to the UK. The business covers business consulting, incubation, business management, real estate investment, international trade, international education, and much more.

“Not only are we a compass for the course of the UK immigration law,” says UTT CEO Hope Zhao. “But we're also proud to provide a link between government departments and social forces. We use these connections to help drive creative business ideas.”

Launched in 2018, TOPS Education Group is a high-end education brand focused on providing planning services for young people (7 -16 years old) to study abroad; their business provides planning services for very young students, teenage students and senior students to study abroad. They also provide short-term studying abroad programmes and summer school programmes. TOPS’ powerful overseas education resources and exclusive customized study plans have transformed studying abroad from a single choice of school and application to a three-dimensional education planning system.

UTOP’s Birth

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 2019 saw the highest levels of education-related immigration since records began. Clearly, immigration and education are closely linked together: and, what’s more, many believe that early education is the key to the whole family’s future plan. That’s why we consider the earlier years to be the fundamental focus of our work. Our mission to provide those parents who worry deeply about their children’s future the constant peace of mind from the start of the journey to the end.

As a combination of TOPS and UTT, UTOP is a name that epitomises our dedication to a range of services. Not only are we a high-end education brand, but also a link between Chinese and British resources and a platform for Sino-British education exchange. We provide our students with the front-end studying abroad plan, school visits, and one-on-one assistance with school applications and admissions prep. From the moment they enter the school, to their graduation day, we are with them all the way.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our exciting new service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Those in the UK can contact UTT on this email, or over the phone on 0161 531 2199. Be sure to mention your interest in UTOP when you get in touch!

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