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UTT Launches new Education Service

Since we launched in 2018, our goal has been to assist our clients through each and every stage of the migration process.

For many, this means much more than a successful visa application or a water-tight business plan - most of our clients require support for their partners and children, and, in some cases, help adjusting to a whole new school system. 

That's why UTT have decided to launch our Education services.

As a UK-based company, we have little doubt that Great Britain has some of the finest and most well-established independent schools in the world.

Plenty of parents move here expecting to place their child in a school like Hogwarts: and, whilst they may not have any moving staircases or living portraits, many of these schools do feature beautiful scenic grounds, iconic architecture and excellent teaching standards.

Starting from Summer 2020, we will be partnering up with a selection of these incredible boarding schools to provide crucial links between parent, student and school.

Unlike a traditional education agency, UTT will go above and beyond - our education services will make up one small part of our fully bespoke package.

This is beneficial not only for clients, but for schools too, as our CEO Dr. Hope Zhao explains.

"We have the legal ability and business know-how that other education agencies simply don't have the resources to develop.

This means that we can cater to the needs of an entire family - if, for example, a parent is considering the move but is unsure about the British school system, we can help them enrol their child on Summer School courses.

If their child enjoys the experience, we can help them with the full enrolment process, and offer further guidance for the parents if they wish to make their own visa application.

From there, they can travel to the UK and launch their own company, work as a sole representative of a business or even qualify for Investor or Exceptional Talent visa pathways.

This entire process allows us to get to know the client and their family very well, which means our bi-lingual team can support the school fully during the process of transition."

UTT have already launched the service for Summer Schools this year, and hope to develop the service further for full enrolment later in 2020.

If you work at an Independent School and are looking to recruit small groups or individual students from abroad, get in contact with us today!

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