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UTT wows students at successful London event

On Friday August 30, UTT marked the successful launch of their first event for international graduates and young entrepreneurs.

The event, which was filled to capacity, encouraged young business-minded people to think hard about their future goals, and how they might be achieved.

A number of these students are hoping to settle down in the UK. Some seek to receive further entrepreneurial training from UTT in order to launch their own business, whilst others hope to use their talents to become a valued part of an existing UK business.

Throughout the afternoon, speeches and workshops were led by Dr. Hope Zhao, C.E.O of UTT, and Desiree Xu, who has over ten years of experience in areas such as recruitment and talent acquisition.

There were also some guest speeches from the Harrison Forbes Consultancy Group, as well as other small consultancy companies.

Dr. Zhao, who has previously lectured at the University of Manchester, expressed her excitement for the future of the young people in attendance.

"I'm so pleased that we have been able to offer these young men and women a head-start in their careers," she states.

"I know how difficult it can be to come to a completely different country and start a business.

"I sincerely hope that each one will take on board the advice given today, and that they continue to work hard to achieve their goals!"

Plans are underway for UTT to host a number of similar events in the future.

If you are a graduate or a young entrepreneur looking for a helping hand, keep your eyes peeled over at our twitter page for the latest news.

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