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Voyager 360°

We aim to help you overcome the unique challenges of global relocation, from Greater China to the UK. By providing services like language and cultural training, immigration and visa solution, networking and more, we ensure that you will receive thoughtful and considerate (360 degree) advice and assistance from the expert team to make your transition complete.

Expansion Planning

Whether you are an entrepreneur (start-up) or a new entrant (subsidiary or branch of an SME or a large enterprises) to the UK market, we can help you understand all key facts and solve concerns about operating a business in the UK, from relevant regulations and compliance to market research and strategic planning.

Cultivation and Training

If you are an international graduate who do not have much business experience, the training helps you develop new business ideas, allows you to build up entrepreneurial confidence and unlock your potential, and ultimately equip you with all essential knowledge and business acumen to successfully launch a business venture in the UK.

Talent Matching
and Investment Sourcing

We assist UK businesses or entrepreneurs in their search for international candidates (business partners or employees) for their company or business idea, which provides the opportunities to those businesses to access to new talent pool. Furthermore, we also assist UK entrepreneurs and SMEs in securing a variety of investments from Chinese high-net-worth individuals or parties, who are interested in foreign portfolio investment, and capable of helping implement the new business ideas and accelerate the business growth.

Education Advising

As a British Council certified agent, we are working in partnership with UK education providers to create high-quality experience for prospective international students when considering studying and living in the UK. We connect the clients with the very finest independent boarding schools across the UK, as well source educational materials and tutors for parents and students who require some assistance with entrance exams or the UK curriculum.

China Strategy

We offer assistance in entering China market for both individual investors and corporations, through employing effective strategies to address complex issues, which benefit not only the corporations but also their employees. Our approach provides comprehensive support from initial guidance to completing all in-country requirements and continuous compliance monitoring.

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