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Another Successful Application for UTT!

Christmas has come rather early for the team at Universal Think Tank.

Why are we celebrating? Well, as of this week, one of our fantastic clients Lydia has successfully secured her Start-Up Visa!

The Start-Up route was introduced a matter of months ago, in March 2019.

As a result, Lydia is one of our first clients to complete the route following her receipt of an endorsement from one of the many government-approved body.

After graduating from University last summer with a BSc in Finance, Lydia contacted Universal Think Tank for assistance and guidance on her visa application.

Like many of our clients, she was eager to make plans for her future in the UK, but not quite sure where to start.

That's where we and our partners at Latitude Law came in. Since then, she has received hours of training, tutoring, endless mock interviews and even a few pep talks, all of which gave her the confidence to ace her meetings with other business professionals and start-up incubators.

Our CEO, Hope Zhao, said:

"Lydia is a very promising young woman - we just knew she would go far.

It's a great feeling when any client gets their visa application approved, but even more so when it's a young client at the very beginning of their career.

We wish her all the best in her new role!"

Last month, she made the big move from London to the Yorkshire city of Sheffield, with her beloved French Bulldog Harvey in tow.

There, she will embark on an exciting new career with a senior role in a brand-new media platform.

- - -

Want to be our next success story?

If you or someone you know needs a helping hand with their UK business and immigration goals, we're here to help.

Pop us an email to book a consultation today.

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